Bring in a Student Perspective!

Our current school board rarely accepts any input from students when making big decisions. By bringing in a student, like myself, the board will have opinions from teachers, staff, and students. To serve every student with excellence, you cannot shut them out of the process of deciding which rules they must abide by. To conquer this challenge, I would encourage students to come to board meetings to speak about their thoughts and concerns. Additionally, I will create an open forum online for students to articulate their thoughts on new policies being set in place in their schools. After all, if there were no students, there would be no schools; We cannot continue to shut out the student opinion.

Wearing my Viera High School Student Government Association (student council) polo!

Safe Schools, Safe Students!

To be able to serve every student with excellence as the standard, we MUST ensure that they are in a safe learning environment first. My top priority is establishing clear school security measures to keep our students safe. By certifying everybody on campus is supposed to be on that campus, I will ensure there are no physical or mental threats to our students. More often than not, a way an intruder enters a school is by going through a door that was left open. We need to bring accountability and enforce the borders of our schools.

Mental Health Matters!

Students, teachers, administrators, staff, and parents: YOUR MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS. Along with making it my top priority that students are physically safe, students' mental safety is another one of my top concerns. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over 40% of students have mental health issues. Whether it be stress from school or stress from home, we NEED to expand mental health resources in our schools. I will increase funding for every school in Brevard County to have a social worker on campus. Together we can spread awareness about mental health and decrease that percentage as close as we can to zero.

Expansion of CTE!

Career and technical education courses get our students a step ahead. By having hands-on, industry experience in the classroom, they are much more likely to get a job out of high school or even continue their education at a post-secondary institution. I would increase funding to these programs allowing our students to discover their career interests and bring more CTE programs the state of Florida offers into our schools.

I participated in the Dental Aide CTE program at Viera High School!


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