My Mission

As a recent, former student (Graduated May 2024) of Brevard Public Schools for thirteen years, it is my mission to represent my fellow students, parents, community members, and all Brevard Public School staff with their needs and concerns as my top priority.

My Vision

"To empower and lead the next generation of the Space Coast." As a school board candidate, it is my job to ensure every student gets the education they deserve and to prepare the next generation for jobs on the Space Coast. I am committed to fostering a learning environment where every student feels valued and supported and where educators are equipped with the resources and support they need to inspire greatness.

Why Am I Running?

During my time as a student in the Brevard Public Schools system, I have witnessed many mistakes made by the School Board that could easily have been resolved. The recent political climate on the board has only made this matter worse. Board members are more focused on arguing with each other over irrelevant subjects than focusing on their constituents and their concerns. District 4, we must put an end to this. Bring back serving every student with excellence as the standard, and extinguish the political catastrophe our board has become. The best way to do this? Put a student in District 4's seat; Someone who's been through the system.


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